The Safehouse Hostel, Cardiff

Accommodation for the weary & wise

The Safehouse Hostel is a boutique hostel in Cardiff City centre offering affordable luxury close to some of the country's most popular attractions.


Our walking tours are entirely funded through tips and donations.

Half of all tips we receive go to the tour guide.

The other half of the tips go towards continuing to advertise and operate the tours for other visitors to Cardiff. We print promotional material and advertise our tours online; the amount we spend on these depends on how many tips we receive each month. Our basic costs for running the walking tours is £28 per month, anything we raise above this goes towards expanding what we can offer and increasing our marketing.

We are a private organisation not funded or supported by local council or government. The walking tours do not operate at a profit.

We really appreciate any support you provide to keep these tours going, and letting our tour guides know how much you appreciate their efforts!

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